Charcoal Portrait

Work in progress

 Collage, 11 by 17.

Botanical Illustration

From left to right: Onion, Banana, Lime, Orange, Artichoke, Watermelon, Tomato, Potato, Dragonfruit, and Pineapple.

Medical Illustration

This is a mixed media I did about 3 years ago in ink, charcoal, ebony, and conte.

Brams United Lightning

These are some preliminary designs I created for the Brams United Lightning soccer team.  The first logo was printed on the teams banner.

X Men Volleyball

This is a logo I created for the X Men Volleyball team in Brampton. All work was done in illustrator.

Deck of cards

Designed in illustrator from sketches.


I took this at my hotel in Florida and planned on figuring out what kind of bird it was. I just love their beaks!



This is the diorama I made for a scene from Hamlet. The picture quality is terrible, but this is the only shot I got with lighting.


This is the final design for the wine label I created.  I used illustrator to map my label onto a bottle, then finished it up in photoshop. I've never really jumped from photoshop to illustrator before so I really enjoyed this!

Her Majesty

Wine bottle design for Jaqk Wineries.