Toronto Public Health- Mobile Food Vendors

This is an infographic done for the Toronto Public Health department illustrating the need for mobile produce vendors in the city of Toronto.  Due to food deserts (areas where grocery stores are more than 1km away) people are not receiving the required vitamins and nutrients from healthy produce.

Hockey Energy Drink Design

Revised rough of my energy drink design, it's still missing the broken glass around the hockey puck.  I'm not sure if I'll add more hockey players in the background yet, but this is basically it!

Eustace Tilley Postcard

This is a Eustace Tilley inspired postcard done in photoshop.

Tales of the Unexpected by DC Comics

Video created in After Effects using a page of DC Comics "Tales of the Unexpected".

Metaphor Spot Illustrations

Spot illustrations based on article headlines.

Bend it like Beckham

David Beckham + FIFA World Cup inspired infographic assignment.
17x22- Illustrator.


"The clouds are weird."

"Look at that one!"
"How strange."

Cardinal Progress

This is a painting that I've started of a cardinal. So far I've just roughed everything in with oil paint.

A Cold Wintery Day

 Ink, Oil and Acrylic. 


Abstract landscape done in india ink on canvas.

 Self portrait- oil.

This is a self portrait I did at the end of second year illustration at Sheridan. I finally got it back this week only to find a piece of paper stuck to 3/4 of the painting. It needs some touching up where the paint and paper came off, but this is it.


Work in progress- digital painting.

Cardinal Linocut

For Gramma, I miss you.

Print Making

All the images were made using linocut tools. I think I actually made about 40 prints, but these were my favourites!


Progress on my goldilocks piece.  I'm trying to flatten the space and make an illustration that uses flat colour and outlines to describe shapes.

Charcoal Portrait

Work in progress

 Collage, 11 by 17.

Botanical Illustration

From left to right: Onion, Banana, Lime, Orange, Artichoke, Watermelon, Tomato, Potato, Dragonfruit, and Pineapple.

Medical Illustration

This is a mixed media I did about 3 years ago in ink, charcoal, ebony, and conte.

Brams United Lightning

These are some preliminary designs I created for the Brams United Lightning soccer team.  The first logo was printed on the teams banner.

X Men Volleyball

This is a logo I created for the X Men Volleyball team in Brampton. All work was done in illustrator.

Deck of cards

Designed in illustrator from sketches.


I took this at my hotel in Florida and planned on figuring out what kind of bird it was. I just love their beaks!



This is the diorama I made for a scene from Hamlet. The picture quality is terrible, but this is the only shot I got with lighting.


This is the final design for the wine label I created.  I used illustrator to map my label onto a bottle, then finished it up in photoshop. I've never really jumped from photoshop to illustrator before so I really enjoyed this!

Her Majesty

Wine bottle design for Jaqk Wineries.