Media ink

This is a project for my media class, we had to create a bug of our choice realistically using india ink. I have to complete 3 other variations of this butterfly before next Tuesday!


This is a background design I did for my computers class is first year.  We were told to use only flat colours to express our design and later crated a 3D image using filters on photoshop.

Life Drawing

Some first year life drawing.

Painting from last year

Some old sketches

I was looking through my sketchbook and found a few old sketches that I really liked.  

Summer time

During the summer I had the opportunity of working on a logo for the Xmen volleyball team in my hometown. It was a great experience and the logo turned out great! I sketched my idea out and scanned it into the computer then traced with illustrator!

Electronic Media

Finally finished my first project for my electronic media class! This piece was inspired by traditional native canadian artwork done in illustrator. Still fooling around with the colours, but decided to post after working on it for quite a few hours!

Just the beginning

I finally got around to making a blog, in the illustration world it's all about self promotion.  I have just started my second year at Sheridan and already things are off to a quick start.  I've just started on a piece for Electronic Media, the project is to simplify a sketch that we created and scanned into illustrator!
Still needs some work and some colour editing but that's the basic idea!