Self Portrait

PROGRESSION! Pastel on toned paper, still have some work to do...


I chose to use the element of water to create an illustration of Poseidon.  The final piece is made of cut out coloured paper with patterns drawn onto each section!

Media Studies

Sorry for the awful picture quality! This is a piece I did in class using alternative watercolour techniques.  I used frisket to mask the squash, salt, sponges with the watercolour and micron markers to add the details.


This is a pastel portrait I did in my painting class last week. The model took a 3 hour pose for two sessions! 

Life Drawing

Some of the life drawings I did this term that I enjoyed! All done in conte, india ink, wax and charcoal.

Interpretive 1

25 out of the 90 fish I had to create using various media experimentations for my interpretive class this term!  The ones below are close-ups of my favourite explorations! Enjoy! 
Candle wax and acrylic  

Acrylic and pencil shavings

Prisma and sequins

Watercolour and oil pastel on watercolour paper


Media Masks

So since we got back from reading week I've been trying to manage my time and finish all the new assignments I've been giving.  This is my process work for a mask assignment done with china markers on white scratchboard.